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What is TRE?

A series of simple, yet powerful self-help exercises that activate the body’s natural ability to neurogenically tremor and shake out deeply held tension patterns in the body.

These exercises were developed by Dr David Berceli who recognised that Neurogenic tremoring is a natural part our body’s healing process.

The shaking/tremoring mechanism helps us to calm down, reset our nervous system and turn our everyday body systems back on. We ‘shake out’ the excess charge, hormones, and tension in our muscles that Stress and Trauma creates.

In a TRE session, you are supported to learn to observe, safely follow and respond to the body’s expression and needs. You can learn TRE locally on a one to one basis or in a group environment.

The benefits of TRE.

If your interested in starting a group locally, please feel free to get in touch with Toni and together we’ll see what we can create.