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Indian Head Massage came to the UK in the 1970’s introduced by Dr. Narendra Mehta. A full treatment involves the face, scalp, neck, shoulders and upper back area. A massage chair is used in this treatment. Sessions of 20/40 mins

Swedish Massage was developed in the 1800’s by Per Hendrik Ling. Swedish massage can be applied to the full body or specific areas can be targeted. Oils are used in this treatment and towels are draped over a client to ensure their comfort and privacy. A variety of treatment techniques (Effleurage, Petrissage, Tapotement, Frictions, and Vibration) may be used to tailor the massage to meet the client’s wishes and needs. For example a relaxing massage would avoid Tapotement, while a stimulating massage would incorporate it. Sessions of 40/60/90 mins

Reiki Massage incorporates Reiki into the massage treatment to balance the client energetically. Sessions of 60 mins

Massage incorporating Integrated Myofascial release techniques is a remedial therapy.  This hands-on treatment works on the body’s 3 dimensional fascial network. The therapist facilitates gentle holds that are sustained for a period of time. This process of holding and stretching the fascia encourages the 3 dimensional fascial network to respond, releasing tensions and restrictions impacting the soft tissue, restoring balance and creating function, as well as promoting a sense of health and well being.

No oils or creams are used as this method requires skin to skin contact. Clients are encouraged to feedback during the session. Sessions of 60/90 mins.